Saturday, 31 October 2015

New baby quilt

The fabric world is full of fat quarters and they are in the most fun patterns, colours and styles! It was time to find out what the patchwork world was about.
Our friends Joe and Hannah were expecting a baby so what better time to make a quilt/baby blanket/play mat than that.

I spent ages searching for the perfect fabrics and finally chose six fat quarters from My Fabric House.
Patchwork is fun, but you do have to be accurate in your measuring and cutting! In my first year of my degree we had to cut squares out of calico, these squares had to be perfect! Perfect angles, perfect lengths and not off grain... a lot harder than you think!
This is not a project too be rushed, something I'm working on in life, apparently I'm turning into my mother - a self confessed rusher of life! So if you look closely not all the points meet up and some of the stitching is out of the ditch... but altogether I'm pretty pleased!


Three things I have learned...

Take the measure twice cut once rule very seriously!
Use lots and lots of safety pins (not normal pins... they fall out) to pin all the layers together when you are sewing.
Bias binding is a great way to finish the edge quickly (or in my case when the baby arrives 2 and half weeks early and you need it finished ASAP!)