Thursday, 10 July 2014

From drab to FAB!

I'm a recent lover of car boot sales, charity shops and hand me downs... especially for baby clothes! It is amazing what you can get and often the clothes have hardly been worn. I have got stuff so cheap from car boot sales and it still has the tags on! BARRRGAIN!

So perhaps I have been inspired by This Old Thing (Wednesdays Channel4 8pm) This floral dress was a hand me down from a friend who has three girls, so its has been through many washes, many wears and its looking pretty drab! :( Now it's with me I thought I would give it a bit of a make over...

And now the FAB... the sleeves have been removed, the hem line has been shortened and I have changed all the buttons. Oh and I also gave it a good iron! (I should iron more!)

I'm well chuffed with these super simple alterations, it's made a drab dress into a fab dress... Perhaps this the start of some more drab to fab blog posts! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Fancy Pants

In issue 60 of Sew magazine they had this super colourful project 'Baby's Best Bloomers' by Jazz Domino Holly from her book Sew Tiny.

You can whip these up in an hour or so depending on how quick you are or in my case how distracted I am! Although, what did make these quicker was my overlocker (LOVE!) no finishing seams for me, hurrah! These are also great for using up those little bits of fabric you have lying around.


Here's my mini model Amelie in her Rosy bloomers, so good for this hot sunny weather we are having in London right now :)

They are a little big on Amelie, the pattern size is 0-6 months so thats quite a large size range! I will make another pair a little smaller next time so she can wear them under dresses. These would be great for the boys too in a nice bold stripe fabric. I'm up for anything that covers the ugliness of a nappy! 


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Here come the boys!

If you're like me you like to make sure everyone knows what letter your child's name begins with! Amelie gets called Emily a lot :) Anyway... look no further! Head over to my Etsy Shop choose your T-Shirt size, choose your letter... Easy peasy!


You can also check out the Girls T-Shirts too!