Thursday, 4 September 2014

What do you do with a pair curtains...?

You make a skirt out of them! or at least I do! :)

I got these little beauties from the charity shop for a fiver... could they be any more 80s!! 


This is a Tilly Buttons picnic blanket skirt (with a few changes!) click here for the tutorial  
I'm not one for a waisted skirt so I have made it to sit low on my hips and taken the hem short. 
In total this skirt cost me £2.55! I used one of the curtains and the zip also came from the charity shop for 5p! BARRRGAIN!
If you want to get good at gathers this is the pattern for you. Tillys tutorial on gathering your fabric is a winner. Gather your fabric in small chunks so the thread doesn't snap is a top tip. I have had many an evening re doing my gathering stitches because they kept snapping once I started pulling them to for the gathers. 


So there's another item to add to my homemade wardrobe!


  1. Yuup. This is fab! And totally on trend, you eighties babe you!

  2. Love this! I bought a pair of these exact curtains in a charity shop a few years ago also! I just made them into some smaller curtains for our camper van but didn't have quite enough fabric for everything.. If you still have the other curtain nearly 2 years later I'd love to buy it! zoe(_)longwood(27) @ hotmail (.) com (no spaces or brackets!)