Monday, 17 November 2014

Winter is here and so is my cape!

I have always wanted to make my own coat... so until I do, here's a cape!
This is New look pattern 6073, I used a boiled wool in this very autumnal raspberry pink. The lining is in Lindsey Tartan, I only know its Lindsey because my very Scottish Granny pointed it out straight away!

I blimin' love what I've made here, this is rare. Usually I make something, take a few snaps, do a blog post and it sits in my wardrobe until I eventually feel brave enough to wear it. But this, I LOVE!
Love the colour
Love the Tartan
Love the fact its going to keep me warm all winter!

I added a few extras like the top stitching up the centre front and around the hood and hem. I also stitched back my seam allowances towards the lining so I could get really clean edges. And of course I added a 'Jacq Made It' label!
Now the toggles... they were tricky! You can't pin leather because you will put a permanent hole through it. So I put it off for a week until one evening I just did it. Im not gonna lie they are a bit on the wonky side, but I like to think no one notices once its on :) 

I won't show you with the hood up, my mum thinks I look like the lady from the Scottish Widows advert... or a wizard... Yes the hood is huge!

The slits in the centre front seams come in pretty handy, especially when picking up a little person who wants to have her photo taken too... what a poser! ;)

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  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the colour, it really suits you!