Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beach robe

Finally the summer is on it way and so is my holiday!

I have high hopes for my holiday in France this year (last year we had no sun all week... lame!) So I'm dreaming of days by the sea, in and out of the swimming pool and the smell of suncream on my face! With all that in mind Amelie needs a swimming towel, even better... a beach robe!

This pattern is from Dana made it. I particularly like her blog and videos. The bright colours and super friendly tutorials are right up my street! And obviously I like her blog name too :)

You can buy the beach robe pattern for about £5 on her website. She sends you a PDF with everything you need to know and links to tutorials on all the potentially tricky bits!

What I loved most about this, is I didn't have to source the fabric, I just hit Primark and bought the biggest towel I could find. The bias binding and striped fabric are both from Dunelm.

This is a great little project for any sewer with a little person. I used my overlocker to finish off all the inside seams, otherwise a zigzag stitch will be fine. Make sure you buy double fold bias biding, I didn't so I ended up pressing it all before I pinned it in place.
Don't look too closely at my bias binding round the curves of my tie - its not the neatest by far buuuut its fine for the one summer Amelie is going fit into it!

Really looking forward to its debut, hopefully on a hot sunny beach in France in a few weeks!


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  1. Hey Jacq! This is a brilliant idea- loving the bright colours (you won't lose her on the beach!) and the stripes. I've not looked at the Made site in ages- going to have to check it out again!